Losing your head over headless?

We see plenty of challenges faced by clients within the Pharma sector when it comes to managing content across multiple websites, various additional channels and across territories where each has their own desire to localise communications… What a nightmare! As if the job of the marketers isn’t hard enough anyway with all this siloed content.

It’s enough to make you lose your head… Well actually in a manner of speaking that isn’t such a bad thing. Enter stage left, the headless CMS.
We are all used to our various Content Management Systems designed to manage the content on our websites and via responsive templates, content delivered to mobile devices via the web. Some of the solutions are pretty sophisticated and offer additional functionality via plugins and API’s to offer personalisation and automation.

Great all very nice, and on the surface it seems like choosing your CMS to align with your brand and multichannel aspirations is the answer to many of the challenges highlighted above. However I’m sure many will have experienced Tech Envy, you know you’ve just spent two years developing your new corporate site and then someone comes along and says… Hey have you seen this, it’s fantastic… and all that effort seems wasted as you try and figure out how to let the board know you’ll need more budget.

Headless CMS is cloud-based and offers massive benefits to organisations facing challenges when managing multiple propositions across multiple channels. It decouples completely your content from your front end tech. So instead of having an all in one web cms with templates and pages and then having to build an app outside of that environment, then manage your social content. You can now hold your content in one secure environment and build workflows to deliver content via API’s across multiple channels/devices in a completely tech agnostic way, be it for voice, news channels, social, apps or websites.

Sounds good? well, actually it gets better. Imagine now coupling headless CMS with some additional emerging tech like AI or VR and you can start to build customer experiences that deliver better ROI and engagement and it’s all possible now.

Sometimes the path of least resistance is a new one, talk to us about how headless can transform your multi-channel content strategy.

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